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Dr. Matt’s Detox Powder is a response to the increasing toxicity we have created in our world. The 8000 new chemicals we add to our environment every year are unfortunately not life promoting. The result is the premature breakdown of our bodies.

Although we have developed the technology to clean out the engines of our automobiles we do precious little for our own bodies. In answer to this need, we have developed a system to breakdown and eliminate these offending substances so that our bodies can function as they were intended to.

The organ largely responsible for the chemical breakdown of toxins is the liver. In order to neutralize dangerous toxins, the liver needs a large supply of specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In the absence of these nutrients, liver detoxification only proceeds halfway and can even leave a more toxic intermediate. With an abundant supply of these nutrients, detox proceeds at an accelerated rate, decreasing the body’s total load of toxins. On a physical level, people typically feel more energy, less body aches and pains, more clarity of thinking, less headaches, better sleep, less irritability and restlessness.

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